Welcome to the Hellopet House!



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Bombays are highly social and brave with a tendency to be attached to their families. Intelligent, playful and attention-seeking, they are known to be vocal and mew more than other cats.


Transform the rundown home into a magnificent mansion with the help of adorable pets that need your love and care! Show your skills as a Chef, Gardener and a Master of Renovation in your efforts to restore the mansion. Uncover the secrets and mysteries of the manor as you make new friends and neighbors.

Enter the world of Hellopet House and begin your journey of exciting new adventures with beloved pets.

Experience Exciting Gameplay

Play exciting games as you care for your pets and restore the mansion into a beautiful home. Rush to meet orders for cooking, gardening and renovations as your pets assist you around the home. Master each craft as you meet challenges for your skills as a chef, gardener and carpenter!

Collect Adorable Pets

Find and adopt a wide variety of adorable pets that you can feed, bath and play with as you expand the mansion! These cute pets will run around your home, snuggle up on the furniture and even snooze by the fireplace.

Decorate your Home

Transform the run down mansion into the pet paradise with beautiful new furniture and decorations of all kinds! Spruce up the manor from the living room to the garden and turn it into the grandest estate in the neighborhood.

Interesting Characters and intriguing story

Meet a cast of wonderful people in the town as they help you settle into your new home. Develop relationships with new friends as they become your most cherished companions in uncovering the mysteries of the mansion.

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